The Effects of Rape on Darfuri Women's Lives

Violence and rape have become hallmarks of the lives of Darfuri women. Many women were raped in the torrent of violence that forced them to flee their villages. And the risk of violence is still all-too-real — many are assaulted when leaving the camps to gather the wood they need to cook food for their families.

This past November, Physicians for Human Rights sent a team of three physicians and a human rights investigator to eastern Chad to interview Darfuri refugee women about how their lives have been affected by this violence.

PHR announces the launch of a new microsite,, where over the next few months we will share with you their stories, images from daily life in the camps, and our findings. We’ll also ask you to take actions to both protect women from violence and treat the women whose lives have already been irrevocably changed by this horror.

We welcome you to and look forward to working together with you to end this scourge.

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